Comfort Food: Remembering My Grandmother

Grandma Helen with my nephew Ben and my daughters Ruby and Ella in 2007.

Leaning forward in the backseat of the taxi, nose pressed against the window, my breath fogging it up with each exhale. No car seats, no seatbelts, the bare-bones car rattling along FDR Drive, the East River black and glassy on the left, the enormous red and white Coca-Cola sign forever winking just across the water. The mid-morning sky is wintry gray, solid and low – nothing like the sun-kissed blue of my now home thousands of miles away in the southern hemisphere. Apartment buildings rise high one after the other. Green and white streets signs whip by: E. Houston, Delancey, Grand.

It’s 1975 and we are back in the States on Home Leave, the official company term for the six weeks we take at the end of each year to travel the world and visit family back in the U.S. Home. Leave. We are both coming and going, leaving and arriving, traveling between our temporary and forever homes, each anchored at one end of the world. Continue reading “Comfort Food: Remembering My Grandmother”

Will My Kids Ever Love New York City the Same Way I Do?

I am in New York City for five days on my own with my three girls and I have big plans – plans that include art and history, bright lights, pastrami and, most of all, falling in love.

IMG_4219I love Manhattan. I love the horizontal vastness and the way the tops of the buildings frame the sky, creating gorgeous works of ever changing art. I love the smell of street corner hotdogs and pretzels and in the winter, roasted chestnuts. I love the surge of the crowd in a crosswalk and the jostle and clank of the subway. I love standing on the corner to hail a cab and watching them unfurl down Park Avenue like yellow streamers. I love the bursts of color in the planters along the fancy side streets on the Upper East Side. Continue reading “Will My Kids Ever Love New York City the Same Way I Do?”