Favorite Selfies of 2015

This is one of my favorite prompts during December Reverb. Like most of us, I have a gazillion photos on my phone that I rarely go back and take a look at. This morning I perused every picture my lens captured this past year, experiencing the joy and serenity, humor and beauty of each moment all over again. Such a gift. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite selfies from 2015:

The year started out with a winter beach retreat with these four lovely ladies, treasured friends all. Jan15Friends Continue reading “Favorite Selfies of 2015”


In some ways, this has been a year of profuse connection. In other ways, I’ve never felt more alone. My writing connected me to people both close to home and far away as well as to hundreds of thousands out in the world. The whirlwind of publishing, commenting, connecting, the pinging back and forth of heartfelt sentiments and “me too!” was incredibly rewarding. Connecting in that way was like being inside a big, warm hug – but it was mostly online.

The alone part comes after the rush of attention. Continue reading “Connections”

Unfinished Projects

IMG_20102014 was supposed to be the year we finally cleaned out the garage, plowed through it, got rid of stuff, rearranged, organized. It’s a big space, double deep, perfect for an artsy hang out for the girls, a place where oils and pastels, papier-mâché and Mod Podge would dwell in creative bliss alongside a big screen TV and the Wii; a place where skis and bikes would line up nicely on a hanging wall system next to the rake and the broom and the saw. There’d be a comfy couch to sink into, high quality speakers.

Instead it’s the same cold, concrete space jam-packed with the life’s props. Continue reading “Unfinished Projects”