Hatred Will Not Hijack My Hope

Before I went to bed last night I noticed a single blip in my Facebook feed about a terrorist attack in Israel. The brief description was awful, unbelievable.

“Did you hear anything about a terrorist attack in Israel today?” I asked my almost-asleep husband.

“Hmm? No, nothing,” he replied, drifting off. I glanced down at my screen, but couldn’t bring myself to click on the link. I hoped it was a rumor, hearsay, a fantastical misunderstanding. I shut off my light and fell asleep. Continue reading “Hatred Will Not Hijack My Hope”

Photo Finish Friday: Lovely Lilah and the Freedom Tower


Nothing says “screw you terrorists” like Lovely Lilah blowing bubbles on the sidewalk in Tribeca with the Freedom Tower in the background. Continue reading “Photo Finish Friday: Lovely Lilah and the Freedom Tower”

Nature Unfurls

Nature Unfurls

This is what’s happening in our back yard at the moment: the giant fern is waking up.