Unfinished Projects

IMG_20102014 was supposed to be the year we finally cleaned out the garage, plowed through it, got rid of stuff, rearranged, organized. It’s a big space, double deep, perfect for an artsy hang out for the girls, a place where oils and pastels, papier-mâché and Mod Podge would dwell in creative bliss alongside a big screen TV and the Wii; a place where skis and bikes would line up nicely on a hanging wall system next to the rake and the broom and the saw. There’d be a comfy couch to sink into, high quality speakers.

Instead it’s the same cold, concrete space jam-packed with the life’s props. Continue reading “Unfinished Projects”

Happy Anniversary to the Man with the Beard

red rosesLate October in the Midwest can be tricky, but the day was unseasonably warm. Gold and scarlet leaves skittered across the grass. The gray, overcast sky gave off the kind of light perfect for photographs. Really though, the weather didn’t matter – my world glittered. The swirl and rush of the morning – the hair, the makeup, the dress – cloaked me in a fine dust of sugar and spice and everything nice. Clutching an astounding bouquet of blood red roses, I floated down the aisle, the air buzzing with expectation, like in the moments just before the sky lights up with the most brilliant fireworks. Continue reading “Happy Anniversary to the Man with the Beard”

Photo Finish Friday: East Coast Autumn

FallLeavesA magical autumn day on the east coast. The changing light, the sense of moving through one season on your way towards another. The way the air smells of burning wood and a hint of snow to come and baking. Holding hands warm and dry as the sun dances down the sky on its way into darkness.