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Scary Mommy

I’m Friends With My Teen Even Though I’m Not Supposed to Be
Dear Kids, Do Your Own D*mn Dishes
Being Married to an Eternal Optimist Isn’t Easy When  You’re a Die Hard Realist
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No Swearing in My House
To Brag or Not to Brag?

Scary Mommy 2 (formerly Club Mid)

Teens Deserve Privacy Too
Why I Don’t Feel Guilty About My Tween Doing Nothing All Summer
The Surprising Value of Sending Your Kids to Sleepaway Camp
Why Kids in the ’80s Were Never Bored
5 Reasons I’ll Miss Preschool
Why I Don’t Mind When My Teenage Daughter Texts Me From School
9 80’s Songs That Describe Life With My Teen Daughter
7 Reasons Why Step Aerobics Is Still Totally Awesome
10 Ways Teenage Girls Can Relate To Their Moms
8 Ways Raising Kids Is Like Being a Servant on Downton Abbey
A Love Letter to my 13-Year-Old Girl
7 Reasons You Don’t Invite Me to Your House (But You Should Anyway)
The Summer To-Do List: Be Naked
5 Important Life Lessons I Learned While My Dad Taught Me to Drive
What My Mother Taught Me About Wearing Lipstick
6 Reasons I’m Glad I Had Kids (For Real)
8 Heartless Things Tween Girls Say and What They Really Mean
6 Truths About Raising a Tween Girl
What Keeps Me Up at Night (and It’s Not My Bladder)
6 Radical Ideas to Make Your Family Vacation Tolerable
10 Songs From the ’80s That Describe Life With a 3-Year-Old
How to Make Family Time Happen: Stop Trying

Brain, Child Magazine

Debate: Is It Okay Not to Invite Young Children to Your Wedding or Special Event?
To the Furious Mom in the Target Parking Lot – also published on The Huffington Post.


A Birthday Cake Shaped Space
Holding On To What We Share
The Push and Pull of Motherhood

The Huffington Post

5 Lessons I Learned Staying Home With My Sick 3-Year-Old
When Moms Bond
Mothering in the Blind Spot
6 Things I Let My Third Child Do – also published on Mamamia
A Dress Code of Her Own: Teaching Our Girls Body Confidence
4 Truths About Our Post-Baby Bodies – also published on Scary Mommy and iVillage Australia
I’m Addicted to My Daughter’s Lovey
Accepting the Mom I Am
Gratitude and the Motherhood Experience
How to Be Present? Start Here
Why Miley Cyrus Scares the Crap Out of Me
My 2-year-old Has No Friends


What Happened When My Middle Child Went to Sleep Away Camp


When Distance Makes The Heart Grow
When Desperation Hits, Any Babysitter Will Do

BonBon Break

Bee Stings, Midlife and Telling True Stories

Ten to Twenty Parenting

The Reflection in the Mirror – When I Was 14
To My Daughter on Her 10th Birthday

HuffPost Live

Is It Ever OK to Ask a Mom to Hush a Yelling Child?
Hot Blogs: Parenting – What happens when we reach our breaking point as a parent?
4 Truths About Our Post-Baby Bodies


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