Photo Finish Friday: Lovely Lilah and the Freedom Tower


Nothing says “screw you terrorists” like Lovely Lilah blowing bubbles on the sidewalk in Tribeca with the Freedom Tower in the background. Continue reading “Photo Finish Friday: Lovely Lilah and the Freedom Tower”

Photo Finish Friday: East Coast Autumn

FallLeavesA magical autumn day on the east coast. The changing light, the sense of moving through one season on your way towards another. The way the air smells of burning wood and a hint of snow to come and baking. Holding hands warm and dry as the sun dances down the sky on its way into darkness.

Game Time

Game Time

Evidence that fall, soccer, back-to-school and the general melee of a full life is upon us. Let the games begin!

My Favorite Dutch Bicycle

My Fave Dutch BikeThere are 600,000 bicycles in Amsterdam. This one is my favorite.

After Visiting the Anne Frank House


My daughter, Ruby, sharing her thoughts after walking through the Anne Frank House┬áin Amsterdam. Startling, sobering, hopeful, inspiring. “All of her would-haves are our opportunities.” Never forget.