Perspectives on Motherhood on WordPress Discover

I’m absolutely thrilled to be featured on WordPress Discover today as part of the Perspectives on Motherhood roundup! Talk about an awesome Mother’s Day gift.

The blog post they featured is Reclaiming All My Pieces, Motherhood Included. It’s a big, honest exhale of what motherhood is like for me now, almost 14 years after my first child was born, and one of my more vulnerable pieces of writing. Being more open and transparent in my writing is somewhat terrifying for me, but a practice I’ve found worth pursuing.

Besides feeling like I’m floating on air, another perk of being featured on WordPress Discover is reading through the thought-provoking, deep delving, honest and sometimes hilarious words of the other incredible writers in today’s roundup:

A Wilderness of Waiting by Sarah Menkedick

The Rise of ‘Mama’ by Elissa Strauss

World’s Best Mom by Matt Wessel

Musical Breadcrumbs by Deborah Bryan

On Motherhood and Losing Myself by Anne Thériault

At the Blue Dolphin: On Mothers and Sons by Rachel Basch

You ARE Beautiful — In Which I Am Afraid for Your Future by Alyssa Moore

I Am Not Your Monkey: On Motherhood, Art, and Presumptuous Bullshit by Natalia Antonova

What I Do All Day When I Am Home With the Baby by The Ugly Volvo

I hope you have a chance to check out all of these enlightening perspectives on motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day!



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