The Best of Flingo 2015

IMG_4354Even though we’re a week into 2015, I decided to go back through Flingo and check out which posts you, the readers, found most engaging. Inspired by one of my favorite writers, Alexandra Rosas of Good Day Regular People, I nostalgically combed through my monthly stats. On the whole, the most popular posts were also my favorite ones to write and share. Reading through them again, I noticed a few themes and a subtle but important shift.

About half of the most viewed posts were those I wrote for Finish the Sentence Friday (FTSF). Hosted by Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee, FTSF is a weekly link up of posts inspired by an open-ended writing prompt. If you’re looking for a supportive community of kick-ass writers, definitely try out FTSF.

Many of my posts germinated in free writes during the many online classes I took with the inimitable Jena Schwartz. During her two-week sessions I literally enter into an other-worldy creative zone where I find not only more of myself, but an entire cadre of beautiful writers who illuminate our shared human experience with their sparkling words. Such a gift.

My most popular post of the year was Blind Spot, which I wrote last January. Big thanks to  Kim Bongiorno of Let Me Start By Saying, who included Blind Spot in her weekly newsletter and sent lots of readers my way. Kim is an excellent writer and humorist and generous to boot!

The shift I noticed as I moved from the beginning of the year to the end is that I’ve begun to transition from writing solely about motherhood and more towards writing about my grown up life. For so long, those two realms were one and the same. Finally I’m feeling more balanced about where my focus is needed and where it lands. This is a good thing that comes with time and effort and is only possible as my girls grow older.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. Your words of encouragement and knowing lift me up every single day. Without further ado, here’s the Best of Flingo 2015.

January: Blind Spot. Coming in a close second was a post to my middle daughter, Ruby, on her 10th birthday. I dedicated one post to each of my daughters in 2015 and this was the first one of the year. See June and July below.

February: The Mom Who’s Always Right Here

March: 5 Lessons I Learned Staying Home with my Sick Three-Year-Old

April: First Date, French Kissing and Wondering Why He Likes Me: When I Was 14

May: When an Earthquake Isn’t the Only Thing Shaking Things Up

June: To My Daughter On Her Bat Mitzvah

July: To My Youngest Daughter on Her Fourth Birthday

August: What I’ll Miss About This Summer

September: When the Everday Calls for Super Powers and a Good Plum Tart

October: Mothering Ma Belle Fille From a Distance

November: When I Was 19: The Trial and Error of Becoming Our Full Selves

December: Remembering My Grandpa, Latkes in Bermuda and a Dash of Nutmeg

I’d love to know which essays or posts moved you most in 2015, whether your own or another writer’s. Feel free to share in the comments!

6 comments on “The Best of Flingo 2015

  1. To my embarrassment, I am just seeing this now. My gosh, you made me smile. THANK YOU. I was googling some past pieces of mine to send in for a job opp, and this came up. Thank you thank you thank you. You know how isolating and echo chamber writing can feel, so to know that you’ve found joy in my work has set my day on a new course. THANK YOU so much, you really brought something into my life with these kind, encouraging words. You are the best. xo


  2. I love this. I love you. I am so lucky to have you as a friend. By the way, I’m HOOKED on Big Magic. Thank you. ❤ Also I might have to borrow this idea for a Thankful post – I like the idea of sharing the most popular posts. Thanks, too, for mentioning FTSF and moi. ❤


  3. I just read Blindspot and it made my cry. You often make me cry, Lisa – and that’s a compliment. Did I not know you back in January, or did I just miss that FTSF week? I’m not sure, but I’m so glad our paths have crossed! I can often relate to your stories about motherhood and adulthood.


    • I’m so glad you “good” cried Dana and am very happy we’ve found each other as well. Here’s to more writing and reading together this year!


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