Favorite Selfies of 2015

This is one of my favorite prompts during December Reverb. Like most of us, I have a gazillion photos on my phone that I rarely go back and take a look at. This morning I perused every picture my lens captured this past year, experiencing the joy and serenity, humor and beauty of each moment all over again. Such a gift. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite selfies from 2015:

The year started out with a winter beach retreat with these four lovely ladies, treasured friends all. Jan15Friends

Just another typical day schlepping the kids.Feb15Spending time in Arizona with two of my oldest, dearest friends from college.IMG_5708Me with my sister Abby during Passover.IMG_5931Josh and I all gussied up at a wedding.
IMG_5967Me with my delicious girls on Mother’s Day.IMG_6235

Doesn’t Sadie look thrilled? That’s us taking a break from our walk. SadieSelfie

Thanksgiving family selfie in Tahoe. So much glorious snow!

This post is part of the Reverb 15 December daily writing challenge, a series of writing prompts through which to reflect on 2015 and move into 2016 with clarity. Today’s prompt is “Show us your Self(ie)!

9 comments on “Favorite Selfies of 2015

  1. Selfies make me smile! I’m going to have to look back at all of mine for the year. I suspect that there will be quite a few of my kids’ noses – they think that is particularly amusing.


    • That is so funny! My girls like to try to take the most unflattering selfies of themselves then Snapchat them with their friends. Apparently it’s a thing.


  2. These are great and what a fun idea for a post!


  3. Beautiful. I also love that you used the phrase ‘gussied up’, which just is NOT common enough parlance any more 🙂


  4. Love love love! Especially that you gave yourself the time and pleasure to remember each beautiful moment. #eatthelimes ❤


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