Writing My Way Through the End of the Year

The end of any given year is busy, no question. There are loose ends to be tied, emotional overwhelm and physical exhaustion — Shopping! Parties! Cooking! There is family to visit or host and gifts to be given and received. There are copious amounts of comfort food, sweets and warm-your-stomach drinks. There is merry, happy and joyous to embrace and also, for me, the possibility of falling under Melancholy’s gentle, blue spell.

When life gets chaotic for me, I tend to move my writing to the back-burner. I take on more tangible, simpler tasks that “need” to be done, like wrapping presents, making beds (oh, how I love a made bed), plumping pillows and replenishing the soap dispensers. This sort of detachment is usually how I deal with the last few weeks of the year, willing January 1 to come as quickly as possible. Last year, though, I did not abandon myself or my words. As difficult and tangly and not-pretty as it was, I dove into writing as much as possible. I started by signing up for Kat McNally’s Reverb December Daily Prompt.

This year I’m writing with Kat and an amazing group of people again from December 1 through December 21. This year’s theme is Alchemy and I am a guest prompt writer – very exciting! Sign up and each day you receive a prompt in your inbox. Write as you will, post on your blog or on the Facebook page, share your link via the Linky on Kat’s page each day or write quietly for yourself. This is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on 2015 in whatever way you wish.

Edible MemoriesI’m also participating in this year’s Winter Joy Retreat: Edible Memories hosted by Jena Schwartz and Cigdem Kobu of the Inky Path starting December 1 and running for two weeks. Each day a “letter” arrives in your inbox and includes an essay, an activity and a recipe from a special guest, like Emily Nichols Grossi, Nina Badzin and Katrina Kenison. Here’s a little taste:

“Our memories of food are more than just our brains revisiting specific neural pathways. They are about remembering who we are, where we come from, what we love, what we can’t live without, what matters to us, and what we need deep, deep inside. They root us in a time and place, they incite sumptuous reminiscences and rekindle our desire to tell our true stories of love, joy, heartache, loss, friendship, passion, pleasure, grief, hope, belonging, and gratitude.”

It’s going to be a December full of reflection and scrumptious, delicious stories. I hope you’ll join me in writing through the end of 2015!




9 comments on “Writing My Way Through the End of the Year

  1. I’m participating in the Winter Joy retreat too! Going to check out Kat’s page. I have a feeling I’m not going to be sharing much on the FB page, but as long as I’m writing, it’s all good.


  2. Lisa,

    I will be joining you in the Winter Joy Retreat. Looking forward to it and will also check out the Reverb prompts you mentioned. Thanks!


  3. AWESOME! Have fun 😀 Write lots. I like reading you.


  4. Yay! So glad we’l be together with Jena!


  5. I’ll be joining you in the Winter Joy Retreat! Heading over to Kat mcNally’s page now.


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