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On The Mid: How To Make Family Time Happen

IMG_5036When I was a kid, we journeyed on weeks long family vacations around the world. From home, we took long car drives up to New Hampshire to see the leaves turn in the fall and longer rides out to beach on the Cape in the summer. The four of us went into the city (New York) to see shows and traipse around and when we moved to St. Louis and my sister and I were in middle school and high school, we went out for dinners and to the movies, to recitals and sporting events — all together. 

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Now that I have a family of my own, I know, for sure, that my memories are idealized versions of the real, messy truth. With three girls ranging in age from almost 13 to 10 to three, I’m often bamboozled by the lack of togetherness we manage to eke out. I think this is because we all have wildly differing schedules, desires and needs, but I still wish we could make it work and have it be enjoyable just a little more often. Today I have a piece up on The Mid called How To Make Family Time Happen: Stop Trying about how I’ve come to redefine “family time” in a way that makes sense for all five of us right now.

I hope you’ll give it a read and I’d love to know, what does family time look like for you?

2 comments on “On The Mid: How To Make Family Time Happen

  1. I liked this and can relate, even in my smallish family–and thanks for introducing me to The Mid!


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