1000 Voices for Compassion: Are You In?

1000SpeakThere are days when I can’t bear to look at my Facebook feed. Cast carelessly in between sweet updates about a friend’s baby, a Vine of his first laugh and photos of rescued puppies are horrific headlines about violence and hatred, fatal accidents and heartless bullies. There is war. There is terror. There is sickness and poverty. There is loneliness and madness. There is judging, criticism and pursed lips. Even the seemingly well-intentioned parenting article about breastfeeding can leave me feeling guilty somehow. 

But then a light shines. A new baby is born to one of the families in my daughter’s preschool class and we moms all rally around to bring meals or take the older one for a playdate. My oldest daughter patiently teaches my youngest how to brush her teeth. My middle daughter is worried that the new girl in her class isn’t making enough friends. A stranger waves me into the parking spot he’d definitely scouted out for himself. There are the girlfriends who listen and know and hold your hand while you cry because you don’t know if you’re going to make it through the day. There is the permission and love and understanding you give to yourself.

There is compassion — and kindness and empathy and good. There is forgiveness and friendship and care. Every one of us has the capacity for it. Our smiles have the power to open hearts. Our eyes have the power to heal by virtue of having seen and acknowledged. Our words have the power to make change.

On February 20th, I will be one of 1000 bloggers sharing a story of compassion here on my blog and all over social media. I hope it inspires you, makes you smile, urges you to do something powerful to make change for the better. If you’re interested in adding your flame to the light, check out the 1000 Voices for Compassion Facebook page as well as #1000Speak on Twitter. The amazing Lizzi Rogers and Yvonne Spence are the big-hearted lovelies behind this movement, so go on over to their sites to learn more.

Are you in?

12 comments on “1000 Voices for Compassion: Are You In?

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  2. A rousing post 🙂


  3. Thank you for spreading the word about this! I couldn’t agree more and I’ll be joining you on 2/20.

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  4. I’m in too! I went on FB this morning and saw some stuff that left me so paralyzed with ickiness (I confess: mainly my own jealousy at other people’s success) that I stood staring out my kitchen window and contemplated deleting the stupid thing. I want to join this movement. It will help. You’re the best, Lisa S.

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  5. Gorgeous share, and I’m SO glad you’re going to be part of this. I think we’ve all reached the point where those headlines are too much any more.


  6. I am in too. It is wonderful to see all the bloggers involved.

    Peregrine Worsthorne, editor of the Sunday Telegraph, once said that adverts were a better guide to the world than the news: because adverts show normal things like planes landing safely, people doing their jobs well, people being friendly and happy, and the news showed the opposite of these things, which is striking so newsworthy.

    People are compassionate. Talking and writing of it helps us realise that. Let us encourage one another!

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