Flutterby 11

A collection of what’s winged its way across my path and got me thinking, grinning and gearing up.

WIldCoverThe Walking Cure: Talking to Cheryl Strayed About What Made Wild Work by Kathryn Schulz: I finally finished reading Wild a few days ago and am looking forward to seeing the movie. This is a great article and interview with Strayed that plumbs the reasons why Wild is such a touchstone for so many people.

What It Feels Like To Be a Special Needs Mom by Kristi Rieger Campell: Kristi is one of those true and bright bloggers who never fails to move me with her insight and heart. Her essay about being a special needs mom landed her in the Washington, DC 2014 Listen to Your Mother event. Check out the video at the end of the piece.

51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature: Some gorgeous lines as curated by the Buzzfeed Community.

Pinguine Haben Ein Problem: These penguins are faced with a bit of dilemma. Two cheeky, potty mouthed Brits provide the soundtrack.

Yes, I Am a Racist by Jennifer Louden: “This is a post about not pretending. Not pretending I lean away from the discomfort I still sometimes feel with people of color. Not pretending I don’t have an unconscious bias running me. Not pretending I’d rather not deal with being racist, how racism kills, maims, thwarts.”

Taylor Swift Blank Space Parody by What’s Up Moms: This trio of moms are simply hilarious. Here’s their latest send up “Inspired by that afternoon slump, caffeine, and a little confusion over Taylor’s Blank Space lyrics.”

Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy by Maria Konnikova: If you think Taylor Swift is singing about Starbucks lovers, then you’ll want to read this article about the science of misheard lyrics.

Driver’s Training by Jon Sponaas: Lyrical, dream-like prose from a dad pontificating on the road of parenthood.

No, I Don’t Have to Tame My Wild Child by Rachel Minkowsky: As the mom of a current wildish three-year-old and two others who have definitely gone through a wild phase, I really appreciate Rachel’s perspective. I don’t want to tame the wild out of my daughter either – better to teach her how to make it her own in a way that works for her and the people around her.


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