The Year’s Favorite Selfies

I am not a huge “selfie” taker but I did manage to either snap or be snapped in a few this year. They’re not artsy, just real life. Here are my favorites:

Getting ready to hit the ice rink.

Me and the big girls hamming it up in Piza.IMG_3144Lilah and me in the back of a bumpy cab in Rome on the way to the airport to catch a flight to Amsterdam. IMG_3438

Celebrating Nicki’s 40th on the deck at the Claremont Hotel. IMG_1968

Family selfie at the Passover table. Kind of a wonky angle, but at least we’re all in it!IMG_1584

This post is part of the Reverb 14 December daily writing challenge, a series of reflective writing prompts designed to help let go of 2014 and move into 2015 with intention.

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