Flutterby 8

A collection of what’s winged its way across my path and got me thinking, grinning and gearing up.

imagesGeneration X Is Sick of Your Bullshit by Mat Honan: A tidy little diatribe from “…the generation that became the voice that set the tone for everything you love about the Net.” If you remember the elevator scene in Singles with Bridget Fonda and Matt Dillon, this one’s for you.

I Can’t Go For That by Jenny Lawson: This post by Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess pretty much sums up what I love so much about her: absolute weirdness mixed with just the right amount of relatable. This particular post also includes her weekly roundup “Shit I Did When I Wasn’t Here.”

This passage by Meghan Daum on personal essay/memoir writing posted by my friend Julie Barton on Facebook:  “You have to be willing to present your lowest moments. Otherwise, you’re just promoting yourself. You’re writing a personal ad. What’s more, you have to present those moments in such a way that the reader knows that you know how low they are. You can’t just lay them out there like “Look what a jerk I was!” They have to mean something. There has to be insight born of hindsight. Otherwise, you’re only confessing your sins and asking the reader to forgive you. And that is a complete misuse of the writer’s power and unfair to the reader.”

On False Sentimentality, Womanhood, and Getting with the Program: A Conversation with Meghan Daum: I loved the above quote so much that I Googled Meghan Daum, who I’ve never read, and found the entire interview. I’ve now added two of her books to my Goodreads to-read list.

Meet the Woman Trying to Save Your Kids From Their Screens by Katy Steinmetz: Both of my big girls have Wreck This Journal and are making their way through it one creative page at a time. Here’s what Keri Smith is up to now.

Taylor Swift lip-syncing her own song is the meta moment you needed: I’m loving TS lately and watching her lip-sync her own song in the company of a BBC 1 DJ is simply awesome.

Writers You Want to Punch in the Face(book) by Rebecca Makkai: When I read this essay, it had me panicked: am I that writer who only uses social media to promote myself? Ack! Yes and no. Of course I post links to my writing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – it’s the only way to get people to read stuff these days. But I also try to post slice-of-life photos, promote other writers’ awesome work and tweet the pithy witticisms that float through my head.

I’m a Mommy Blogger and Proud Of It by Lauren Apfel: Like any mom who writes about motherhood and keeps a blog, I’ve often been triggered by the term “mommy blogger.” Lauren Apfel takes a good, hard look at what the term does and doesn’t mean now versus a few years ago and comes up proud.

Quote on jackfrost.co.vu: This post is about a year old and has more than 90K notes. It’s a nifty if strange little site, but the universality of these few lines resonated with me:

“you know when someone asks you a general question like “how are you” or jokingly says something like “do you ever even sleep” and there’s that split-second moment where you consider actually telling them things


like whether they’re good or bad things whether they’re sad or happy or anything at all you just


think about telling them




but you don’t”

The United States of Thanksgiving: A great list of one Thanksgiving recipe from each state. Sourdough stuffing with kale, dates and turkey sausage anyone?

3 comments on “Flutterby 8

  1. That Meghan Daum quote is just…perfect. Thank you. (Where is it from?) Did you read her essay that I posted on my blog, the one from The New Yorker? It was my first experience with her writing, and maybe the best thing I’ve read all year.


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