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“Target – It’s Where Life Happens”: My Interview on HuffPost Live

This week something amazing happened: my post To the Furious Mom In the Target Parking Lot went viral. As of now, it has 125K likes on the Huffington Post and 6.5K shares on Brain, Child where it first published. I also was interviewed on HuffPost Live along with the awesome Carin Kilby Clark who spoke about her piece 3 Ways I Regularly Invade My Teenager’s Privacy. You can watch the interview here (I’m on at about the 9 minute mark).

If you haven’t read To the Furious Mom, it’s about me witnessing a mom leaving Target empty handed except for the melting down child in her arms and her three other kids scurrying behind her. She was furious. She yelled. She was a little rough with her boy. But instead of judgement, I felt compassion. I totally got it. I realized that her anger was my anger, too. We’ve all been there.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.11.21 PM

The great thing about a piece of writing reaching so many people is the response that comes with it. So many moms — and a few dads — have shared their stories with me both in the comments section of the Huffington Post and here on my blog. I am so touched by people’s willingness to share their most vulnerable moments and in some cases, their most regretful. It is so powerful and comforting to know that we are not alone in our hardest parenting experiences.

When the piece first published on Brain, Child I had this great Twitter exchange with my new friend Megan:


For me, supporting another mom when I see her struggling and accepting help when I need it most is what can make all the difference in parenthood. Let’s be each other’s wingmen.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing.


4 comments on ““Target – It’s Where Life Happens”: My Interview on HuffPost Live

  1. I loved this article so much! I’ve been that mom in the parking lot more than once and I’ve been that mom this week. My girls are 7&4 and testing my patience to the end. It felt so good to know that you were not judging that mom and hopefully the moms (and dads) that saw me were not judging me either.
    Thank you for this and all the other fun stuff you write too.


  2. Thank you for this, for the first time I feel like others have been there, or in it, and I’m not alone. Your article brought me to tears, and I’m not easily moved. Single mother of a 3 and 2 year old boys…Thank you! 💕


    • You’re so welcome Crystal. It really makes a difference when we know we’re no alone on this parenting journey. Thanks for stopping by, reading and sharing.


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