4 Truths About Our Post-Baby Bodies on Huffington Post

IMG_2036 - Version 2I’ve got an article up on the Huffington Post Parents section today about post-baby mama bodies called 4 Truths About Our Post-Baby Bodies. I know the talk about what jiggles, what’s vanished, what’s appeared and what unceremoniously squirts, leaks or drips out of our post-baby bodies has been tossed about ad-infinitum so I hope this piece offers something refreshing. It’s not a rant and it’s not gross and it’s not like “I love my body just the way it is.” It’s just what I think is true. Would love to hear what’s true for you and your mama body.

4 comments on “4 Truths About Our Post-Baby Bodies on Huffington Post

  1. I loved your article! So refreshing to hear some of the unrealistic expectations of new moms challenged. You’re totally right that our bodies will be forever changed after having our kids, however some of these issues don’t have to be permanent. Leaking urine every time you jump, cough, sneeze, or lift you child isn’t normal. It’s called stress incontinence and it’s correctable with a little physical therapy and muscle retaining. See a pelvic floor physical therapist and work on your pelvic floor and core muscles, not because you need them to look better, but because you want them to function for the rest of your life. Back pain, prolapse, and progressive urinary and sexual dysfunction can be prevented with a little effort. Maybe the shift should be toward getting our bodies to function at their best after we have our babies and not be so concerned with how we look.

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    • Hi Emily. Thanks so much for reading. I love the idea of getting our bodies to function at their best rather worrying whether or not we look our best. Thanks, too, for pointing out that there are therapies for some of these physical challenges. So good to know!


  2. I greatly enjoyed reading your article. As a young mom of two young kids I related to both the first time mom comments. I am told how skinny I am and yet know I do not look like I once did. Your points were such good encouragers. I may never be the ab queen again and yet what I have in exchange is so much better.


    • Thanks Sasha. It’s so tricky, reconciling the women we were before kids and who we are now, especially physically, but also emotionally. Goals shift. Accomplishments come in smaller but more intense doses. So true that our little ones are better than flat abs – no question!


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