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D is for Duet

duet: a musical composition for two voices or instruments.

The first day I met Josh, I heard him play the piano. We were at a conference and during a break, he sat down at the piano in the lobby and riffed out amazing melodies. It all seemed so effortless and beautiful. I was smitten. Unfortunately, I don’t have much musical talent. I don’t play an instrument. I have a pretty voice, but I have a hard time singing on key and staying in tune. Even so, I love singing.

A week into our love affair we were trading CDs. He was wowed by my eclectic choices (Dimitri from Paris, Les Nubians, Bruce Springsteen) and I swooned over his jazz and Grateful Dead collections. For me, music is about the lyrics and the story they tell. For him, it’s about the nuanced undertones, the uneven beats and the way they pattern together. I longed to sing out loud, but I was too intimidated by his musical prowess to go for it. What if my amateur singing made him wince? Would this thrilling, new love end?

I don’t remember exactly when it happened. We must have been listening to our iPods, ear buds in place when he asked me what I was listening to. It was “Killer Queen” and I was doing all I could to keep from singing out loud. He pulled an earbud out of my ear, stuck it in his and started singing. What could I do? I started singing too. We belted that thing out, channeling Freddy Mercury with our eccentric gestures and over-the-top high notes.

Barbra-streisand-guilty-albumIt was our first duet together.

Fourteen years later, we still sing together, mostly behind closed doors just before turning out the lights for the night. Our favorite duet is “Guilty” and we’re pretty awesome at it.

And yes, our love is one in a million. Isn’t yours?!



I’m participating in the 2014 A to Z Challenge during the month of April using the very broad theme of LOVE to carry me through the alphabet. Check out writing by other bloggers taking on the #atozchallenge at @AprilA2Z.

6 comments on “D is for Duet

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  2. Visiting from A to Z. Wow, you seem to be a very special duet together, something to treasure! Do you never sing for other people?

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  3. That’s beautiful and soo romantic.


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