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Life Is a Mystery and You’re Your Own Private Detective

There were a couple weeks earlier in the summer when I didn’t put Ella and Ruby in camp. For some reason I thought this would be good for them. They could relax, hang out with each other and me and Lilah. We could get our nails done. We could go to the city. We could bond.

Instead, they drove each other and me crazy most of the time. They couldn’t agree on any activities to do together, whether it was a game or an outing. All they seemed to be able to do without snarling at each other was sit side-by-side and play on the iPad or iTouch or iPhone, or login to Instagram or Fantage. And let’s face it, that’s not really doing anything together. Some of that is because the age difference between them is becoming more pronounced now that Ella is heading into middle school. I get it, but would it kill them to spend a little quality time together?

I thought the answer to that was a hopeless “yes” until the afternoon I’d finally had it.

“If you’re going to behave like animals then just take it outside!”

And they did. This was the result:

IMG_4052 IMG_4053

It’s a Quotes Course. I love that it’s full of delightful little tidbits that seem both urgent and cheesy at the same time. Which one’s your favorite?

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