The Crush

I have a big crush. On Superman.Superman-new-1

Josh, the big girls and I saw Man of Steel a few days ago. Henry Cavill, the new Superman, well, he’s my cup of tea, my cat’s meow, #1 on my Laminated List . Blue eyes, dark hair, 6’1″. Heart-stoppingly gorgeous with and without a shirt — and he is without a shirt pretty early on in the movie. I remember him from The Tudors, thinking he was cute, but somehow he slipped from my mind after the series finished. I guess the timing just wasn’t right back then.

It sure is now.

That night I dream that I’m visiting a small town in the south where they happen to be filming the new Superman movie. I’m there with the girls, my mom. J’s there too, although I never see him. I end up on the movie set talking to Henry. He’s shirtless and smiling, hair tousled and pushed over to the side. Very solicitous. Very delicious. It’s hot and humid in that deep south kind of way, smells like jasmine, magnolia trees blooming. I’m not sure what we talk about. I’m not sure where the girls disappear to. I seem to have all the time in the world. The highlight of my dream is when we cuddle up on an outdoor lounge chair and I fall asleep on his naked chest. I. Mean. Really.

When I wake up, I tell Josh all about it.

“You got it bad, baby,” he says, grinning.

“I know. It’s those arms. And his chest. I can’t wait to go back to sleep tonight.” I stretch out like a cat in the sun with nothing else to do but look forward to my next meal. Josh gets out of bed and flexes his biceps.

A few things to think about:

1. I have a crush! Full on. Sighs, butterflies and all. It’s so awesome.

2. Napping on a tall man with a broad chest is enough to get me hot and bothered.

3. My husband is tall…and broad chested.


That day, I spend a lot of time Googling Henry. He is 14 years younger than me, he’s got two middle names, William and Dalgliesh, he’s from the Baliwick of Jersey, a British island off the coast of France and has a girlfriend (whatever). He is the perfect love object: young, but not too young, beautiful, European and taken. I love a challenge. I look through tons of online photos of him and commit them to memory.

I fall asleep quickly that night, hoping to dream of Supe once again. But I don’t. Instead, I dream of bananas. Lots and lots of bananas. Wonder what Josh will have to say about that.

6 comments on “The Crush

  1. I just stumbled upon this post about Henry Cavill’s breakup and thought you might enjoy (there are also great Henry pictures at the end, too): http://www.buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/henry-cavill-breaking-up-with-kaley-couco-is-the-end-of-a-we


  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. (insert 13 year old giggles here).

    Henry Cavill is indeed a beautiful man, but what got to me was his ability to actually show different tortured emotions — totally melted my heart! Sure, how he shifted from being that brawny man, to that guy next door, to that powerful man of hope, to the powerless god in anguish, was happenstance for this seasoned thespian. However, it was how Mr. Cavill successfully portrayed an emotional man, the hesitant hero, the flawed human. Wow.

    Thanks for your post. May you meet him again in dreamland 🙂


    • Thanks for reading — and I love your post about the movie. It’s so true how Superman, in each of his renditions, is part of our psyche in one way or another. A hero, a hunk, a human with decisions to make about himself and the world around him.


  3. Elinor Gale

    Love these blogs! Don’t stop.
    Elinor, your fan


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