A collection of what’s winged its way across my path and got me thinking, grinning and gearing up. 

Inspired by Jill Salahub’s lovely Something Good feature, I’m launching a weekly roundup of the articles, videos, books and media that strike my fancy in a given week. It’s stuff that makes me smile, ponder, cheer and want to share.

Why Walking Helps Us Think: I used to think walking was simply a slow substitute for the heart-pumping workout I didn’t quite get to. Turns out it can make you a better writer.

An Invitation to Live, Really Live on Hands Free Mama: As a writer, I found this post by Rachel Macy Stafford at Hands Free Mama just beautiful: “My friends, there is something to be said for waking up with an urgency to finish what you started … to live like you might possibly perish today. There is something to be said for acknowledging that time is indeed limited…Procrastination doesn’t have a chance when a heart decides what it must do before it stops beating.” Continue reading

What I Learned Spending a Day on the Beach in Italy

Preparing for a day at the beach with my three girls means lots of sun screen, plenty of beach toys, hats, sunglasses and for me, my trusty black one-piece bathing suit with its adjustable straps and shirring across the boobs and through the waist. It’s the kind of suit that stays put throughout a day of sand castle building, shallow water wave jumping and all the bending, squatting and lifting that comes with playing with, looking out for and chasing after kids on the beach. In other words, it’s the classic mom bathing suit.

It’s also the swimsuit I wore for our day at the beach on the glorious Italian Riviera this summer.

IMG_3211 Continue reading

6 Things I Let My Third Child Do That I’d Never Let the Older Two Do

IMG_3913It’s no secret that we parent each kid differently. With my first one, I was on the floor during tummy time, running around to multiple Mommy & Me classes and diligently teaching her the Rules of Life: say please and thank you, share, don’t play ball in the house, don’t stick your finger in the fan, only one hour of screen time. My second one got the same drill, but without as much urgency because it’s hard to enforce the “rules” when you’re fishing lipstick out of the 18-month-old’s mouth while your four-year-old is screaming “I want Elmo now!Continue reading

Game Time

Game Time

Evidence that fall, soccer, back-to-school and the general melee of a full life is upon us. Let the games begin!

What Happened When I Let My Kids Have Unlimited Screen Time

This summer, I basically let my kids have as much screen time as they wanted. The three-year-old watched endless loops of Frozen and dozens upon dozens of episodes of Caillou (why doesn’t he ever grow hair?!). The middle-schooler watched two full seasons of New Girl, Divergent three times and logged a gazillion hours on Minecraft. My nine-year-old watched a lot of Dog With a Blog, which is actually kinda funny, re-watched all the Harry Potter movies and also played a lot of Minecraft.

I wish I could say I fought them tooth and nail whenever they asked for/snuck screen time, but I didn’t. Continue reading

The Best Mom in the World on Scary Mommy

logo-smVery excited to be on Scary Mommy with my take on what it means to be The Best Mom in the World. Bottom line: it’s all about being the best mom for your kids. And guess what? You are. Keep on keeping on you awesome moms!

In My Car

Sometimes I just sit in my car. I sit there for as long as I can filling my car with minutes of me not being a mom or a chauffeur or a wife or a stay-at-home anything. I sit thinking or not thinking. Breathing so only I can hear it.

Parked in my driveway, I wait to be ready to go into the house. Just before I open the car door, I wonder if I can eke out any more alone time. Maybe I’ve forgotten something “urgent” that requires backing out of the driveway once more before heading into the high-energy together time that awaits me in the house for the rest of the day and on into the evening. Maybe I need to pick up the dry cleaning. Is it ready today or tomorrow? What day is it anyway? Do we need more milk? We always need more milk. Do I have time to go to the vet for more flea medicine? Wait, are they even still open? What time is it? Oh, perfect, they’re already closed. Who closes at 3 p.m. on a Monday anyway? Continue reading