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A collection of what’s winged its way across my path and got me thinking, grinning and gearing up.

I Just Got a Book Deal. Here’s What I’ve Learned by Rob Boffard on Medium: “Unfortunately, the key thing to have if you’re going to survive as a published author is patience. You have to have the forbearance and outlook of the Zen monk.”

How Do I Know What’s Bullying and What’s Normal Conflict? by Carrie Goldman on Motherlode: As a parent, I find myself up against this question often. I tend to intervene quickly and emotionally with the goal of squashing anything that maybe even remotely seems like bullying. This article gave me the tools to determine whether a behavior really is bullying or simply conflict that my girls need to learn how to resolve on their own. Continue reading

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A collection of what’s winged its way across my path and got me thinking, grinning and gearing up.mornmoonI Have Become “That Mother” on Instagram: This essay isn’t really about Instagram. It’s about recognizing your true self in the middle of motherhood and knowing you haven’t been swallowed whole but maybe suffered a few minor and not so minor cuts and bruises. Janelle Hanchett of Renegade Mothering is one of my absolute favorite writers. Enjoy her.

Mary Oliver Shares a Poem From Her New Collection, Blue HorsesI am a fan of Mary Oliver because of my lovely friend Laurie Wagner who often offers Mary’s poetry as a jumping off point for our weekly Wild Writing class. At 79, Mary Oliver is still on fire. Continue reading

Photo Finish Friday: East Coast Autumn

FallLeavesA magical autumn day on the east coast. The changing light, the sense of moving through one season on your way towards another. The way the air smells of burning wood and a hint of snow to come and baking. Holding hands warm and dry as the sun dances down the sky on its way into darkness.

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A collection of what’s winged its way across my path and got me thinking, grinning and gearing up. 

7812f7b9de1f1de7c6719dd7ffba2978Time Cools All Jets: Emotions tend to flash hot in my household and this canvas cutout by Jim Marble might just help us all cool off. I ordered one for the kitchen wall.

What Matters in a Friendship: “I care that in the midst of the noise and clutter of our messy lives, that in the tiny moments we find to connect there is meaning, there are smiles even through tears, that we part feeling just a little bit stronger, a little more hopeful.” Yup. Continue reading

Deep Thoughts From a Late Bloomer

IMG_3181 - Version 2The weeks leading up to my 40th birthday were filled with giddy anticipation, as if I were about to shed a very tattered, old coat and emerge glowing, swathed in silk, to a chorus of angels. Forty seemed to be the magic number, a turning point, a righting of the ship. I’d wake up on my birthday imbued with the Super Powers I’d always wanted: confidence, clarity, purpose.

Instead, I woke up feeling pretty much the same as always: somewhat ambivalent, stressed about minor details, strung out on motherhood and unfocused about the future. Continue reading

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A collection of what’s winged its way across my path and got me thinking, grinning and gearing up. 

Inspired by Jill Salahub’s lovely Something Good feature, I’m launching a weekly roundup of the articles, videos, books and media that strike my fancy in a given week. It’s stuff that makes me smile, ponder, cheer and want to share.

Why Walking Helps Us Think: I used to think walking was simply a slow substitute for the heart-pumping workout I didn’t quite get to. Turns out it can make you a better writer.

An Invitation to Live, Really Live on Hands Free Mama: As a writer, I found this post by Rachel Macy Stafford at Hands Free Mama just beautiful: “My friends, there is something to be said for waking up with an urgency to finish what you started … to live like you might possibly perish today. There is something to be said for acknowledging that time is indeed limited…Procrastination doesn’t have a chance when a heart decides what it must do before it stops beating.” Continue reading

What I Learned Spending a Day on the Beach in Italy

Preparing for a day at the beach with my three girls means lots of sun screen, plenty of beach toys, hats, sunglasses and for me, my trusty black one-piece bathing suit with its adjustable straps and shirring across the boobs and through the waist. It’s the kind of suit that stays put throughout a day of sand castle building, shallow water wave jumping and all the bending, squatting and lifting that comes with playing with, looking out for and chasing after kids on the beach. In other words, it’s the classic mom bathing suit.

It’s also the swimsuit I wore for our day at the beach on the glorious Italian Riviera this summer.

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